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Your Days of Cleaning a Litter Box are Numbered

One of my cats got on board with the CitiKitty and made serious progress with training. I had pics of one of my cats using the restroom like a human. People couldn't believe it. I recommend taking the process slow if you have multiple cats, though. Training them like this is possible and it's huge instead of constantly cleaning up cat litter.

Great, exactly as described.

Amazing. In 3 months our 3 month old rescue kitten was potty trained. We followed the directions closely and he only had one accident. I was worried the litter that gets in the toilet during the process would clog our 1920's plumbing but frequent flushing prevented any problems. Best $30 I ever spent.

This is great. I mean GREAT! I have purchased so many cat kits and this is by far the most sturdy of them all. I even used the last ring to place on our other toilets in the house I wanted my cat to use AFTER she was an expert. We had to travel a lot and I brought this with us so she knew to use the HOTEL toilet as well as our parent's and in-law's. She did! She understood. If you buy this, please, PLEASE don't rush your cat! Some might take a while to get used to it. Once they do you will be very happy with much less of a mess around the house! :D

If you're consistent with this, it will work! Just keep at it, be patient, and follow instructions.The actual items themselves aren't super durable quality, but they are meant to be disposable so it's expected. This product got my cat potty-trained and I couldn't be happier to be getting rid of litter forever! A+++

This is a great concept and works wonderfully. I would recommend starting cats very young, especially if you're training more than one at a time. It will take getting used to if they are older and one is clearly dominant. I love that you can backtrack if the cats don't progress like originally thought. The item is sturdy, and even a heavy cat doesn't have to worry about the tray sagging while he stands on it. Best deal for this type of product.

We have two cats. One doesn't care about anything, other is afraid of about everything. We bought this and worked great until we remodeled the bathroom, they seemed to have an issue with the new toilet. So had to buy this again but this time we just cut 2nd from last ring and after a week no more issues. First time took about a month and they were pooping in the toilet without any help.

We're on step 3! & so far it's going great! We've been taking our time cutting the holes out so our kitty could get used to it. So far so good! I'll post an update in a few weeks.


Easy to train with patience and easy to travel with!
As a former nanny, I have potty trained many children but never a cat...until now! I live in NYC where space is limited and my young cat, Sebastian is a quick learner. 
I bought the CitiKitty kit which arrived to my office in a slender box, easy to take on the subway. I followed the instructions to first have his litter box in the bathroom so he could associate relieving himself with that room. I also put the citikitty underneath it so he could familiarize with the kit. A week later, I put the litter box on top of the CitiKitty on top of the toilet so he could get used to jumping up. During his third week, he was using the kit all by himself with normal cat litter inside and without the box. He is 100% using the kit on his own and in a brand new apartment -- we moved!

Really works!

FINAL UPDATE: After the initial adjustment of removing half a ring at a time, this system has worked perfectly - fully trained in one month. Well done Ripley and thank you Citikitty!

Cat has progressed at the promised rate moving up a ring each week. We started our kitten at 12 weeks old and we've had a 100% success rate without any accidents!

With 2 kitties, the litter box was in constant use and my floors were pretty trashed with grit, so I  took a chance and bought the kit. At first, one kitty took to using it right away, but the other was reluctant and pooped in a few dark corners of the house. However Kitty 1 seemd to enjoy using it in front of me, and got heaps of praise - making the other a little jealous. He soon began using it and both got lots of kudos and treats. What's really interesting as the opening got larger, Kitty 1 figured out that hitting the hole was preferable to using the litter part of the rings. When Kitty 2 wasn't lined up right, #1 used his paw to push the other's but directly over the hole. Teamwork!

I bought this product with a lot of hesitation and I didn't believe it would work, but my cat Midnite Tiger Moon picked it up right away and never ever ever goes in a litter box. This is the best invention!! Thank you CITIKITTY!!!

Used the ring as directed, although the first week the tiny hole requires constant monitoring. Second week I rarely had to clean the litter. I just enlarged the hole as directed until I was able to get rid of it. My boy simply accepts that the toilet is where to go in this house!

Both of my cats are toilet trained!

This product is GREAT!! This product does not's the cat owners that fail.. It takes Patience and Persistence to potty train your cat.. it"s not going to happen over night.. it took my cat almost a year and it's been 3 going on 4 years with no litter box in my home.. I just ordered my second one to train a new cat in our home.. I am anxious to get started as soon as it gets here.. I highly recommend this product to any serious cat owners that are fed up with stinky litter boxes.

Tomorrow marks one year to the day since we purchased the CitiKitty. Did it work? See the video (Amazon) if you want proof. It's insanely cool!  We don't have litter boxes anywhere. HOW EASY WAS IT? Foolproof! You put the training seat on the toilet and then sprinkle cat litter around it. We cut a larger ring about every two weeks with some strong scissors. Finally, we removed the training seat and he kept using the toilet. 

Bought this for my sister because she got a new cat, seems like a novelty gift and if it ends up working, its that much better!

Awesome - Thank You :-D

It works! My kitten was three months old when I started. The key is to take your time, go as slowly as you can stand it. Don't go on to the next ring until you are POSITIVE Kitty is comfortable with where he is. The longer you can wait, the more successful you will be. Keep an eye out, place kitty on the seat every so often and give him praise and a treat!

My baby cat is trained! Few weeks and he is using toilet! !!! So happy!

It is working, my kitty is half Siamese, so being stubborn as she is, I am still pleased to say it works, with constant cleaning she will use it everytime, but always gotta make sure it is clean. She just graduated to step 2 in 3 weeks. We love it!

Had my cat toilet trained within about 2 months at the ripe old age of 7 years old! 

Works great!

In the end, I am very satisfied with this product!

Still working with the cats but so far so good!

We are on week 4 and this has been such a wonderful tool!! I am slightly ocd and a neat freak so I couldn't stand the cat litter smell, having to be scoop litter into its own trash can and litter getting tracked on our beautiful dark wood floors. This has our cat using the toilet, it has eliminated the tracking and it will easily pay for itself with what we save in litter and headaches in no time!! We couldn't be happier!!!!!

This really does work! Time frame to complete training will depend on the cat.

Bought this for my sister in law who trained her 2 month old Raggamuffin cat to use.
The result? No more kitty litter needed, hundreds of dollars saved and a cat who knows how to go to the bathroom when he needs to do his big and small business.

I got my kitten when she was around 12 weeks old. For her 1st 2 weeks in her new home, I kept the litter box next to the toilet. During week 3, I started with CitiKitty. Being she was so small, I kept a step stool next to the toilet so she could reach the toilet without jumping in. It took 3 1/2 weeks to train her with only 1 accident- I was in the shower and locked her out of the bathroom after feeding her, my fault. No messy, smelly litter box. Happy kitty. Happy mom! 

My 6 year old female cat started one week ago. SUPER EASY! Has had no accidents. Easy to use and even though it can be messy when the cat is training, its not that bad. WELL WORTH IT !

Great product! So far my two girl kitties are using it well. 8 months old and 3 months old. I'm excited about not having to keep a litter box anymore. Genius idea!

I toilet trained my cat in 1 month with CitiKitty
Works like a charm 1 month in and I'm on the last ring. My cat was just over a year old when I started and he took to it immediately.

It takes time and my cat is still in the training process but it's working great so far.

Have patience with your cat and be consistent. Took our two 7 month old kittens just over a month. I used the second tray go train my pregnant friend's OLD cat. Took a month.

This is how we trained both of our kitties to use the toilet several years ago, and to this day we are a litter-free household! Best thing we ever did. Very important to be patient. 

Love it!!!! I followed all the instructions, my 5 months old cat did it with no regrets! Always gave him a taste treats. I work all day and the kids are at school. For each step, we celebrate it. I already gave the litter away!!! I am usually a not a reviewer, but this product deserved a good review. Patience is the key! I even extended the days of some of the steps to make sure my cat would not feel uncomfortable as I was removing the rings. And even if you decide to come back the steps, the product came with extra so you can come back.....We are so happy that my cat is doing EVERYTHING straight in the toilet water!!!!! The house is not smelling, we do not need to worry anymore of the stinky box!!! By the way, I don't like the other product, with different colors, I though it may confuse my cat to put a brew new ring every change of step, besides, it is too expensive!

I bought this as a gift for my daughter to use with her cat. She had great success with it and the cat now uses the toilet on it's own.

I used CitiKitty to teach my 8 year old cat to use the toilet. I was able to get him to use it in about 2.5 months & he faithfully used it until he became too old to jump up on the toilet & balance. 

This cat toilet training is amazing. When I first heard of the idea and looked it up online I bought this kit right away fully knowing it would work based on all I read and saw about it. I have two cats and to everyone's disbelieve I've taught the oldest to pee and poop without anything on the toilet and now I'm training the little one to do the same. It's been months since the little one is in training because although he always peeps on the toilet he's hardheaded when it comes to pooping, but we're getting there. The kit is perfect. I've actually bought two. Whoever says otherwise just need a little more determination and persistence on training their cats and to always keep on mind some cats are really really tough to train but not impossible! Thank you CitiKitty for such an amazing product!

We decided that we wanted to toilet train our cat since we both hated the little pieces of litter all over the house and both hated cleaning the litter box. We bought the CitiKitty toilet training kit, and each week, we cut out another circle. After 4 weeks, our cat was balancing on the toilet seat and not relying on the CitiKitty tray at all. He has been going on the toilet on his own for over a week! The system is easy and totally works!!! Oh, and our cat is 8 1/2 year old!!! You CAN teach an old cat new tricks!!!

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