CitiKitty Inc.

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Your Days of Cleaning a Litter Box are Numbered

Great deal.

Took only 9 days to train the cat.

This cat toilet training is amazing. When I first heard of the idea and looked it up online I bought this kit right away fully knowing it would work based on all I read and saw about it. I have two cats and to everyone's disbelieve I've taught the oldest to pee and poop without anything on the toilet and now I'm training the little one to do the same. It's been months since the little one is in training because although he always peeps on the toilet he's hardheaded when it comes to pooping, but we're getting there. The kit is perfect. I've actually bought two. Whoever says otherwise just need a little more determination and persistence on training their cats and to always keep on mind some cats are really really tough to train but not impossible! Thank you CitiKitty for such an amazing product!

We decided that we wanted to toilet train our cat since we both hated the little pieces of litter all over the house and both hated cleaning the litter box. We bought the CitiKitty toilet training kit, and each week, we cut out another circle. After 4 weeks, our cat was balancing on the toilet seat and not relying on the CitiKitty tray at all. He has been going on the toilet on his own for over a week! The system is easy and totally works!!! Oh, and our cat is 8 1/2 year old!!! You CAN teach an old cat new tricks!!!

She isn't fully there yet but it's amazing not having to clean a litter box!

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