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Your Days of Cleaning a Litter Box are Numbered

This system works great! My kitten learned how to use the toilet so easily with this product. Of course each time she went, I gave her a treat and kept telling her "Good Girl!" I found the plastic rings fairly easy to cut. I also found the plastic easy to sanitize. Brilliant product. Thank you, CitiKitty.

Well it's definitely an epic talking point for guests - I never thought I'd have to remind my visitors to be sure to remove the litter box before they use the restroom.

This is a very smart product - well designed and very easy to set up. No complaints about the design (only comment would be if it was a bit deeper it might retain more litter during the training process,) it's really up to the cat on whether or not its going to work.

Wonderful! No more cleaning cat boxes - No more smell - no more kitty litter tracked through the house!!!! Worked better than expected. She took to it immediately. Each step we held our breaths expecting this would be the step when she would finally reject this whole idea...but she held with each step and seemed very comfortable. We are on the last ring. Just 7 days from total litter freedom! Highly recommend!

Very Easy to set up!!

I brag .... and then brag some more about my cat Bobo and CitiKitty !!!

I have given CitiKitty to friends and they all report that it is a "god send". I tell and BRAG to other folks about how good CitiKitty works. In my mind I am saying, "You are just silly not to do this with your cat." "Or...come over to visit us and see if you can smell cat odors of any kind around our apartment!!"

We rescued our cat about a year ago. He was litter box trained when we received him, but I'm not a fan of the litter box, or having to clean it a few times a day. We don't have room for a litter box in our small apt. and we didn't like that our cat tracked litter throughout the apt. Last but not least, I didn't like the "litter dust" he would get on his coat. Okay, I don't like litter, you get it. I started looking into a better long term solution and thats when I started doing my research in reguards to potty training our cat. I spent several hours online reviewing YouTube videos, as well as, reading review. The decision to buy the CitiKitty system came down to two main points. 1) Affordability and 2) Good reviews. The CitiKitty definitely delivered on both of those points. I had our cat potty trained in about two months. He had a total of three accidents throughout the training period, but thats to be expected. I would highly recommend purchasing the CitiKitty to anyone thats on the fence about it. It's definitely worth having a clean home, clean cat and no stink. Just flush the toilet one or twice a day and you're done. Did I mention free entertainment watching your cat go potty?!

Patience is key with this product. I bought this back in January for my cat, Frida. Now, in April, she is using the toilet on her own. I think the five week claim is total bull, but that doesn't mean the product isn't worth trying. One of the main reasons it took so long is that she needed two weeks on each ring instead of the recommended one week,and I had a cat sitter for a couple days during a transition between rings and he didn't use any positive reinforcement so we had to go back a few steps to even get Frida back on the toilet. Now I just have to get her to learn how to flush!

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