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Success with the CitiKitty Cat Toilet Training Kit"I saw CitiKitty on Good Morning America. Fed up with cleaning a litter box I decided to try it. I now have a toilet trained cat and no litter. Many thanks CitiKitty!"
Katie - Santa Clara, CA

"I'm a behavior therapist. With a working knowledge of animal behavior, I knew that I would be able to train my cat.  What took me by surprise was how easy it was. It's been over 1 year and I can't begin to describe how wonderful it is to not have to smell a litter box and to not have to sweep up litter off of the floor every couple of hours.  She's happy, I'm happy!"
Danielle - Ridgewood, NY

"I have two cats and live in a really small apartment and could smell the litter box no matter where I was.
After having a litter box for five years I was skeptical but it worked, what a great idea. Thanks CitiKitty!
Sarah - New York, NY

"Last fall I trapped two feral kitties and tamed them. I went online and found CitiKitty on a number of YouTube videos and decided to try it. Your slow stepping stone process for multiple-cats worked in spite of my poor trainer abilities. Zeekee trained himself  because we moved slowly according to your instructions. AWESOME! I have looked at many other units, but still feel this one is much superior. Thank you!"
Katrina - Denver, CO

"We were absolutely thrilled to see our cat adapting to the training and then completing it. It's made having an indoor cat so much more easier. I have recommended CitiKitty to any and everyone who is willing to listen to our success story."
Donald - Saco, ME

"My husband was not looking forward to having to clean my cats litter once I got pregnant and this solves any problems. Thank you so much!"
Melanie - Long Beach, CA

"I thought there was no way I would be able to train my cat Cookie. He is older and stubborn but it only took 4 months!"
Mark - Corvallis OR

"I am a very happy customer. I want to tell you guys that this is the best investment I have ever made! I bought the CitiKitty before I picked up my kitten and everyone laughed at me, they told me I wasted my money. I am so gullible, I fall for all the gimmicks, BLAH BLAH BLAH! Who got the last laugh? I DID! My cat was potty trained in 10 weeks!  We recently took our cat to a family members house and he had no problem using an unfamiliar toilet! We are very happy with our results and we have you to thank!
Donato - Philadelphia, PA

"We are the proud of owners of THREE cats that we toilet trained with the CitiKitty system.  I cannot recommend the system highly enough. We actually tried another method first and the CitiKitty was much simpler, less messy and more effective. The CitiKitty system is easy-to-use, hygienic and inexpensive and we never have to lug home those heavy jugs of litter anymore. We have also installed an automatic toilet flusher, so that we don't even have to flush the toilet for the cats. Thanks!
Lara - Austin, TX

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