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CitiKitty Cat 
Toilet Training: "Think outside the cat box and toilet train your 
cat!" - Discovery Channel's Planet Green
Have questions about cat toilet training? We have answers!

Q. Where is CitiKitty Manufactured?
A. CitiKitty is proudly made in the USA.

Q. Can I train multiple cats at the same time?
A.  Yes, CitiKitty has had customers train up to 4 cats at the same time.

Q. Will the training seat fit my toilet?

A. Yes, the training seat is designed to fit standard toilets including elongated toilet bowls and international toilets.

Q. How long will it take to toilet train my cat?

A. Many customers succeed within a couple of weeks. Typically it will take 3-6 weeks to toilet train a cat.

Q. Is my cat too young to toilet train?

A. We recommend the cat to be at least three months old and trained to use a litter box before toilet training.

Q. Is my cat too old to toilet train?

A. As long as your cat is healthy and has good litter box habits they can be trained to use the toilet.

Q. Is my cat too heavy to toilet train?

A. The CitiKitty Training Seat works for cats weighing up to 25lbs; most cats weigh between 10-12lbs. If your cat can jump up on the toilet then they can be toilet trained.

Q. Can I toilet train my clawed/declawed cat?

A. Yes, both clawed and declawed cats can be toilet trained.

Q. Can I toilet train my cat if I have only one bathroom?
A. Yes, the CitiKitty Toilet Training Kit was made for homes with one bathroom or more. The CitiKitty Training Seat can be removed from your toilet for human use.

Q. I am moving soon. Should I train my cat before or after I move?

A. We recommend training your cat when you have moved into your new home. Your cat will associate this new home with new bathroom habits.

Q. I am traveling - who is going to flush?
A. This is a great time to get the CitiKitty Automatic Toilet Flusher.
Our patented flusher will flush your toilet for you once-a-day and also has flush settings for you too!

Q. Should I use flushable litter during training?

A. Yes, CitiKitty recommends using flushable kitty litter during training. CitiKitty recommends: 
Better Way Flushable Litter (can be found here >)
Cat's Pride Scoopable (clay-based flushable litter)
World's Best Cat Litter  (septic safe)
Swheat Scoop
(septic safe)
Feline Pine
NOTE: The above litters can be found at your local pet/big box store.

Q. After the training is complete will I need to keep CitiKitty on my toilet?

A. Once the process is complete your cat will not require anything but a nice clean toilet and some privacy.

Q. What if my cat drinks from the toilet?

A. Cats love fresh cold water. Consider purchasing a cat water fountain for your cat. They will thank you.

Q. My cat suffers from some health related illnesses. Can they be toilet trained?

A. Cats that have health related illnesses such as urinary tract infections and arthritis are not recommend for toilet training

Q. Where can I purchase CitiKitty?
A. CitiKitty can be purchased here on our Web site and in various stores throughout the U.S. & Canada. See our full store list here.

Q. Can I e-mail you my success story?

A. Yes, CitiKitty loves receiving new success stories. In fact, customers that send in their success story and cats success photo qualify for a free kit to be shipped anywhere in the U.S. to a friend or family member! You can send your success story to

Do you have a Training Forum for CitiKitty?
A. Yes, please visit

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