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Your Days of Cleaning a Litter Box are Numbered


On week 4 and having great results so far. Transition from ground to toilet was a breeze. Cat immediately switched to using the flushable litter with no hesitation (we keep small amounts of the included catnip sprinkled on top). Within five minutes of cutting out the first ring she had already figured out how to pee in the hole.

Shocked to say it, but this truly and completely worked. I trained my 1.5 year old female cat to use the toilet, and the whole process took exactly 2 months. I've just moved her across the country and she easily adjusted to a new toilet. As for the product itself, I am glad it was so cheap and easy to use. Thanks, CitiKitty!

Citikitty is a revolutionary product. My cat Onyx would not have been successful in his endeavors to use the potty without it. Citikitty provides a gradual and comfortable transition from litter box to potty. My advice is be patient, use treats and catnip, and make sure to use non-fattening and healthy treats, as I have continued, and will continue, to reward Onyx every time.



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