CitiKitty Inc.

As seen on ABC’s hit shows Shark Tank & The View

Your Days of Cleaning the Litter Box are Numbered!

This kit really works! With that being said, it is a tool to help you train your cat. You must be completely committed to seeing the training process through!! I keep video on my phone as proof of him using the toilet as many people are in disbelief!

This product changed our lives! I love having a toilet trained cat. We did everything really slow (7 weeks), but it works!

This product is fantastic! It's so easy to use and my cat has had no trouble adjusting to using the toilet (no accidents at all).

It worked!!! We got our cat successfully trained in six weeks. The training instructions worked beautifully -- just as important as the physical product.

I love it. I bought it because I have 2 kittens and I spent a lot of money on sand and products to eliminate bad odors, but it always has an unpleasant smell.

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