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How Does the CitiKitty Cat Toilet Training Kit Work?

Place CitiKitty On Your Toilet

Place CitiKitty on the rim under the seat. CitiKitty is designed to fit all sizes and shapes of toilets.

Plus the rugged polymer surface is easy to clean.

Fill CitiKitty with Flushable Litter

A handful of litter on top of CitiKitty gives your cat the litter box feel they are used to. Your cat uses the training seat just like they use the litter box today.

Some customers add a touch of catnip (included) if extra motivation is needed.

Remove One Ring at a Time

Most pet parents remove 1 ring weekly (rings are perforated for fast removal). Your furry friend will slowly get comfortable with perching on the toilet seat and aiming for the water - as they do, wean them off the litter. Be sure to go at your cat's own pace for results that last.

Toss The Litter Box

Sure, you may still have to flush, but toilet training is a lasting habit that ends the need to buy litter, scoop litter or smell litter.

Plus, you get to brag about your toilet trained cat. Try a CitiKitty for yourself and see...


CitiKitty Complete Cat Toilet Training Kit

  • No More Litter Box!
  • Fits ALL Toilets
  • Gradual 5-Step Training
  • Works with Cats of All Age & Size
  • FREE BONUS: Premium Catnip
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