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CitiKitty Success Stories

No More Kitty Litter for this Colorado Family, CitiKitty did the Trick Posted on 27 Nov 14:03

Puck, 2 year-old kitty from Colorado was toilet trained with CitiKitty so his pet parents could do away with the mess and smell of kitty litter. Puck was completely trained in 3 months. 

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From Rescue to Rapid Learning of Cat Toilet Training...Arnold did it! Posted on 28 Oct 08:02

Arnold is a 3 year-old Manx that was found living in a parking lot before he was rescued. He learned to use the toilet in less than a month and his owner and Mom learned a few tips along the way. 

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Meet Sophia, Wanting to Live Litter-Free Leads to Cat Toilet Training Posted on 28 Sep 09:33

Sophia, the Egyptian Mau from Indiana began cat toilet training when she was four months old. Sophia's owner found that treats and praise were one of their keys to success.

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Slow and Steady Wins the Litter-Free Quest for Tabby from Michigan Posted on 28 Aug 11:15

Albert, the tabby from Michigan began cat toilet training when he was 1.5 years old. Alberts owner found that taking things slow as the key to success for he and his cat.

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Luciano Meowarotti, the brilliant CitiKitty trained cat from Los Angeles, CA Posted on 28 Jul 00:00

Luciano Meowarotti is a kitty with many talents including being one of the fastest cats we know to learn to use the toilet. In just one month Luciano went from litter box to litter free with CitiKitty.

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Meet Sammie, the Quick CitiKitty Learner from Arkansas Posted on 28 Jun 00:00

Sammie was five years old when he began toilet training with CitiKitty. His parent Sonya said he took to cat toilet training right away. Read more about their success with CitiKitty here

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Meet Toffee, a Toilet Trained CitiKitty from Finland! Posted on 28 May 20:37

Toffee came into Inesa's life in May of 2014 when he was roughly one-year-old. Already then he was 'a very curious and kind cat'. Living in a small apartment Inesa thought it would be beneficial for all in the family if Toffee could learn to use the toilet.

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Meet our First Sailboat Trained CitiKitty! Posted on 28 Apr 11:12

From small apartments to large homes, RV's to sea-loving boating cats, CitiKitty has toilet trained cats from all types of homes. Meet this cool cat who learned to use the toilet out on the open seas.

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Meet Kali, a new CitiKitty from Ontario, Canada Posted on 28 Mar 11:55

Jackie, Kali's cat momma from Ontario, Canada was thrilled with the opportunity to get rid of the litter box and have a cleaner home. Read her letter to CitiKitty after she finished toilet training with CitiKitty.

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