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CitiKitty Success Stories

Meet our First Sailboat Trained CitiKitty! Posted on 05 Oct 11:12

CitiKitty toilet trained cats have used toilets in houses, hotels, RV's and airplanes but this is a first for us! Meet our first documented sailboat trained CitiKitty where according to this cute kitty's mama "Life aboard is forever changed"! But don't take our word for it. Check out this talented cool cat...
CitiKitty toilet trained cat uses the toilet on sailboat

And straight from the cat's mama she says - "
Success! Thank you CitiKitty! Even with the added complexity of training on a sailboat where the kitty litter cannot go through the boat pump for the head without mangling it...and the cats being offended by the salt water that flows through the intake to fill the bowl. We did it! Life aboard is forever changed!"

Meet Kali, a new CitiKitty from Ontario, Canada Posted on 19 May 10:15

Dear CitiKitty,

I saw the CitiKitty on Shark Tank. I thought what a great idea but was skeptical. In June I adopted a new kitten and purchased CitiKitty. My family told me I was nuts to even think I could toilet train my cat and said I would be wasting my money. Well they are eating their words now and are totally amazed that they have witnessed this to be true. The training was simple. I never had any problems with any of the steps, and surprisingly it was not as messy as I thought it would be. It is truly amazing and I will be telling everyone I know about your product, and also bragging about my cats
success thanks to CitiKitty. 

Thank you so much for such a wonderful invention. 

Jackie - Ontario Canada

Meet Toffee, a Toilet Trained CitiKitty from Finland! Posted on 21 Apr 20:37

Toffee the toilet trained catGreetings from Finland! We are a young couple living in the city of Turku, and we would like to tell you the story of how our cat, Toffee, learned to use the CitiKitty.

We got Toffee on May 2014, when he was roughly one year old. Already then he was a very curious and kind cat, and of course used the litter box like most pet cats. We live in a relatively small apartment, so a litter box is a tricky thing to place nicely. 

One day we saw an episode of Shark Tank, and heard of your product for the first time. We decided to get one straight away...

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