Puck, a 2 year-old kitty from Colorado was toilet trained with CitiKitty so his pet parents could do away with the mess and smell of kitty litter. 
What made you decide to toilet train your cat?
I wanted to cut down on the little box smell, maintenance, and expense.

How long did it take to toilet train your cat?
3 Months

What was the easiest step for you and your cat during training?
All the steps were easy for Puck.

What was the hardest step for you and your cat during training and why?
The hardest part was catching him in the act of using the toilet.

What tip(s) would you give others when toilet training their cat?
Use catnip in the flushable litter and place your cat on the trainer once a day. Do not startle your cat if you see him/her using the toilet.

Would you recommend cat toilet training to others and why?
I just posted his photo and a link to your training kit on Facebook!