Sophia, the Egyptian Mau from Indiana began cat toilet training when she was four months old. Sophia's owner found that treats and praise were one of their keys to success. 

What made you decide to toilet train your cat?
We didn't want to have to deal with cat litter and cleaning the litter pan.

How long did it take to toilet train your cat?
2 Months

What was the easiest step for you and your cat during training?
In the beginning of the training the cat nip was a big help in getting Sophia comfortable on the toilet. 

What was the hardest step for you and your cat during training and why?
When the opening became larger it made her regress a bit. I would put the training seat back on for a few days and then take it away for a week or so and then she was fine.

What tip(s) would you give others when toilet training their cat?
Giving treats as often as possible along with praise for their good work.

Would you recommend cat toilet training to others and why?
There is absolutely NO mess after they are completely trained.