Meet Sammie, the tuxedo CitiKitty from Jacksonville, AR

No more litter box, this cat uses the toilet instead with the help of CitiKitty

How old was your cat when you began toilet training?
Sammie was 5 years when we started cat toilet training.

What made you decide to toilet train your cat?
I watched your presentation on Shark Tank.

How long did it take to toilet train your cat?
2 Months

What was the easiest step for you and your cat during training?
Getting Sammie to jump up on the toilet. He was so curious.

What was the hardest step for you and your cat during training and why?
Sammie would freeze up if I was watching so I had to sneak peeks.

What tip(s) would you give others when toilet training their cat?
Just let your cat naturally discover the litter tray (CitiKitty) on top of the toilet.

Would you recommend cat toilet training to others and why?
Yes! It was easy!