We love receiving CitiKitty success stories. As you know, some kitties are trained in just a few weeks and other take longer like Toffee here. However long or short cat toilet training is, the benefits last for a lifetime. We hope you enjoy Toffee's Success Story!


Greetings from Finland! We are a young couple living in the city of Turku, and we would like to tell you the story of how our cat, Toffee, learned to use the CitiKitty.

CitiKitty toilet trained kitty gets rid of the litter boxWe got Toffee on May 2014, when he was roughly one year old. Already then he was a very curious and kind cat, and of course used the litter box like most pet cats. We live in a relatively small apartment, so a litter box is a tricky thing to place nicely.

One day we saw an episode of Shark Tank, and heard of your product for the first time. We decided to get one straight away!

The beginning was difficult, as expected. He kept complaining loudly about the absence of his litter box, but we kept on lifting him on the toilet and encouraging him with his favorite treats. Catnip also helped along the way. We took one ring off the CitiKitty every few weeks, making sure he is learning the trick.

During his learning period, we had to leave home for a couple of short trips and once we took him to a cat hotel. All these times set him back a notch, and it was difficult for him to re-accept the CitiKitty. We kept on with his toilet training; luckily Toffee is a forgiving and smart cat.

After a couple of months of training, we finally got to take the last piece of CitiKitty off the toilet seat, leaving only the seat itself. We kept rewarding him every time with treats and cuddles. Pretty quickly he started to get the hang of it, and today he is a real champ when it comes to toilet business. There is hardly any protesting about the toilet, and he has successfully been using the human version of a toilet for a couple of months already. He continues to ask for a treat after every toilet visit, and it is hard to say no to a cat.

We would like to thank you for a smart and well-working product that made our lives easier and cleaner! We have also recommended CitiKitty for a few friends that have already ordered it.

Attached is a picture of Toffee.

Kind Regards,

Inesa, Antti and Toffee