Meet Luciano Meowarotti, the brilliant CitiKitty trained cat from Los Angeles, CA

This toilet trained kitty from LA impresses the stars with the abilities
How old was your cat when you began toilet training?
3 months old

What made you decide to toilet train your cat?
I wanted a pet but I still wanted my apartment to be clean. I saw your product on Shark Tank a month before I got my cat and I was sold.

How long did it take to toilet train your cat?
1 Month

What was the easiest step for you and your cat during training?
The whole process was easy

What was the hardest step for you and your cat during training and why?
None. He adapted to it quickly

What tip(s) would you give others when toilet training their cat?
Move his food and litter box in the bathroom a week prior to the training so he gets used to the area.

Would you recommend cat toilet training to others and why?
Yes. Because it’s clean and easy.

Luciano Meowarotti as much as we do?
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