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Been over a year, and I still can’t get them to use it. You need to design them deeper and more sturdy. 1-2 inches of litter isn’t enough.


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I Added a New Step

My cat didn't want to use the CitiKitty when I first set it up, and had an accident, so I removed the CityKitty from the toilet and set it where her litter box used to be (which was moved to the bathroom for a week prior). She uses it now, and I clean it out after every use. She's just starting to use it on her own today. After a few more days, I will move it back to the toilet and I'm confident she will use it this time.

Might I suggest you add a taller side insert to allow for its use as a litter box before transferring it to the toilet?

My cat hates it 😔



Great tool for toilet training

Not easy to remove inner circles

The perforations aren’t very user friendly. Not sure what kind of knife I should be using to remove them, but it seems gross to use one from the kitchen. Will have to have a designated knife and then decide what to do with it.

CitiKitty Cat Toilet Training Kit

This is a second Run Around The Bases with this product!

This is attempt number 2 with this product. The first time around didn't get off the ground successfully. My cat keeps going near the shower. I thought this may be a golden opportunity to go back and try and trim my kitties' budget. (Sp)

Kool product

So the litter box is disgusting so I wanted to do this still in the process. Mj started to jump up on the seat with the first step still so I’m able to get rid of the nasty litter box. 😁

Best Investment EVER!!!

Inherited my guy a number of years back. Was always frustrated with the smell of litter…no matter how much I cleaned. CitiKitty is a GAME CHANGER! Now I can love my sweet boy without the annoyance and embarrassment of smelling him every time I walk through the door!!!

I have not had the time to try it yet. I have many cats that I want to train, and I am trying to get the right days that I am off and available to do this. I am however, having a hard time finding 'flushable litter'. I am at the point where I might just turn off the water after it goes down, so any litter doesn't fall into the toilet. I will let you know how it turns out after I train them. I am hoping for much success. Thank you.

Good treat

I put this on top of my cat’s food. She eats it, so I assume she likes it.

Not very sturdy. Very cheap

no kitty litter home

easy, just remember to flush when the cat is finished or whenever you notice your sweet thing has used the toilet.

I have not received my order yet

Not arrived

Package hasn’t arrive in 14 days. Tracking doesn’t show anything

Wrong size and had to use tape and wrap to keep lid in place.

We just moved and had to retrain our cat to use Citi kiti. I purchased replacement lids to train on new toilets however this time I was sent some odd shaped ones completely different from the ones we received in the kit originally. We made it work but it was not easy

CitiKitty Training Insert
Brooklyn Christensen
Doesn’t Fit

I was super excited for this, but when I got it I set it on the toilet and it was too big. I tried my other ones as well and it was still to big for them. I though I would try to use it anyway, but when I put my cat on it, it almost immediately flipped sideways and poured litter out.

CitiKitty Cat Toilet Training Kit

Just brilliant it works perfect! That is mine best purchase ever

Just started.

I have no idea I just started but when she used the city kitty training potty she kicks the litter everywhere and it’s totally gross and a huge mess.


This should be $20 max, def not $40. Also, it should say for kittens bc my cat was way to big. The mess, litter all over my bathroom. Waste of money

I haven't had it long enough to even find the flushable litter.