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Cat toilet training

A waste of money. My cat won't have any thing to do with it. I'm sorry I paid the money for it.

Too hard for cats too use without getting littr everywhere

I loved this idea, and my cats have take to using it. However the lip is not high enough, resulting in cat litter EVERYWHERE. Yuck!

I have not received it yet!!!!

Waiting for it

CitiKitty Cat Toilet Training Kit

Love the system

This system is great. I just wish that each stage was it’s own insert. I bought another insert to go back to the beginning again as I need to retrain. Many of the other systems come with inserts for the different stages but they are flimsy. I will stick with your system but I would have loved if you had different inserts. I may have to buy another one now that I think about it.

Doesn’t fit

This doesn’t fit the toilet.

Not a great one

Never received an email and my package got lost. Trying another order. Paid for shipping this time. Hopefully this time it works out.

So so success

I started my 2 cats 4 years ago. They peed in the toilet but had BMs on the floor near the toilet. When I moved to a new place my male cat stopped peeing in the toilet and has chosen the bathtub. My female still uses 2 rings on the tray. Any suggestions to remedy this situation will be appreciated.

Not happy

Can't say it was a positive outcome 😑 shoulda gave her more time

Have not received it

Never received product

Waste of money

Not yet

Covid/xmas/NE storm. Delay not your fault. Your product just got here and I missed the mailman so Mon. maybe. Reviews show taking out the second or third ring is the telling. I'll save this email and give you a review in a month.

I haven't received it yet!!!

Do not order this from citiKitty website

I did order this product almost 20 days ago, I did call customer service no one reply or called me back. I was thinking this is professional company but unfortunately I’m so disappointed. My product still in shipment and today I did receive an email for review without having an item .

Never Received Product Yet?

I am still awaiting to receive the order I placed, which is weird when this notification states that the order has been filled? May I please get a proof of delivery so that I can track down the order I placed?

It never arrived

I'm still waiting. The package has never arrived.

CitiKitty Cat Toilet Training Kit

Not for the neat freaks...

I got this hoping to never change a litter box again. The pan seems to appear to be too shallow, barely hold 1 pee-break. If they scooped to cover prior, the litter ends up at eye level and on anything within a few feet. The floor below and surrounding toilet has remnants of dirty kitty paw prints and loose litter. Once you start cutting hole bigger, flushable cat litter is essential. Aside from all this, we got through a week and the '1st stage' and it seemed to work. A week later I must cut out the hole in the center...gradually making the hole bigger over the next 6weeks or so. To do this you must dump all litter, clean pan, and cut into it with a sharp knife. Once you have a hole in the center using regular litter is not advised.(IT WILL CLOG YOUR PIPES!) so I switched to some flushable type that resembles gerbil food. Fast forward 2 days later, the cat revolted against my 'new aged' litter box and will not go near it again. I was left with a toilet bowl full of swollen saw dust and a glistening floor of urine, decorated with poo...needless to say, the fight was not worth the outcome...

Citi Kitti a lil shiti

This would be great if the insert actually fit inside my toilet ring but it doesn't my b for not checking measurements first but I have a standard sized toilet so I thought it would fit. The perforations are a little difficult to remove. If it actually fit my toilet I'd give it 3-4 stars

CitiKitty Training Insert

Did not fit toilet seat. Super flimsy so cat would fall in if it did fit. No Buy Recommendation.

Never received

No one wrote me they just sent me a refund and cancelled the order

Not yet arrived

Not arrived

Interesting product

Sadly, right after I ordered it, I started getting spammed.
They obviously sold my email.

It was my second purchase. And I love it. So easy to use.

Doesn’t work