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problem with flushable cat litter

My cat does not seem to like the flushable cat litter so I am stalled in continuing with the rest of the program. I would welcome any suggestions!

Didn't have everything I needed

When I purchased this I didn't see where it started it was an insert, so I haven't been able to use it correctly.

Best Product Ever!

You get more than what you paid for!!

Easy to use, but a little messy.

My 2yo male has gotten to the third step in about 3 weeks so he's really getting the hang of it. He's even started aiming his pee to the water! My only complaint is that the litter gets everywhere, but it's not too bad of a mess. I'm very proud of my kitty, though, and its definitely worth the money.

Cat toilet seat

Haven't had much success with it but I haven't had it long. Not sure how much damage the litter falling down into the toilet will do. I know someone who had great success with it, so here's hoping we will to.

Thank you for your review Katherine!
Cat toilet training

He did well the first week the second week when I cut the little hole out he was a little scared and started going in the bathtub but he's back on track every time he me out I put them back up on top of the toilet and the next morning he did his business one and two on the toilet with the hole so he's back on track doing well

Thank you for your review David!
Already at Work

Our CitiKitty kit came very quickly and after the first week both cats are using their seats and catching on to the system. Can’t wait to be rid of litter forever!

Thank you for your review Melissa!

CitiKitty Training Insert


Tried to call to get some instructions, but they called back the next day when we were not home

We are sorry we missed your phone call Liz but please reach out to us again so we may assist you or send us an email 24/7!
My cat won’t go near it

My cat wants nothing to do with this item

I do not get my kitten until the 15th of June. Check back with me at the end of June. Thank you

The picture shows like it fits but It was too small for my toilet. I hade to make something else to hold it. Otherwise is good

CitiKitty Cat Toilet Training Kit

Product came quickly!

I recently just bought this ,and my cat whom was going to turn 20 this year, had a stroke this past weekend and had to be put down before I even had the chance to try this product out...Maybe someday Ill get a new cat.

Poop on the floor tip

Have not completed the training, I just wanted to share something that might become important to some of you later... When removing the first ring, my cat became shy of using it to poop (peeing was fine) and began to poop on the floor right beside the toilet. Not sure why this happens, but apparently it is a common problem when removing rings, as I have seen similar testimonials.Anyway, I solved this problem by putting extra litter in there to obscure the hole a little bit, and then leaving treats around the toilet. He has gone back to using it as normal.


So I bought this because I just adopted my first cat ever and I instantly hated the litter box thing. It smelled. The cat tracked litter everywhere. It was just gross. So I decided to give this a whirl and am now early week 2. Overall, so far the kit is good. It is kind of cheap plastic that I'm sure is made for like 50 cents. The holes are a little difficult to cut out but with some elbow grease is doable. The product seems to do what it says (every cat is diff) and for the price I decided to go with this instead of the other toilet training kits. Also, I tried to figure out how to do this diy for cheaper but after days of research realized it wasn't worth the trouble when this is already to do.The first week was fine. I was already using flushable litter because it meant I could flush poop down the toilet instead of in my garbage so that part was easy (using worlds best cat litter). Also, I should mention, my litter box had been in the bathroom since the cat came home. So that was also easy. He didn't peed in it right away but he does poop when I'm sleeping so when I woke up the first morning I found poop in the tub. I was horrified but figured I'd have accidents, cleaned it, and taped the shower curtain to wall on all sides with painters tape. Problem solved. He peed and pooped on tray rest of the week 1. I cleaned the litter everyday and about midweek washed it and replaced cat litter. At the end of the week I washed it again cut out the first hole and filled it with litter.Week 2. Started fine. Cat pees in pan regularly. I thought he was also pooping in it. However yesterday he pooped on the floor next to the toilet. I was so bummed. I cleaned and hoped for the best but then today he went poop on the floor again in the same spot. I cleaned it and refreshed the litter (he knocks a lot into the hole when he pees so at this point I'm not sure if he's pooping on the floor because there's not enough litter on the tray or because he's having a problem balancing.)....

A hot mess from start to end * Worth a try for others but didn't work for me

This idea is great and success really depends on the cat. Obviously based on my rating, this product did not work for my cats; partially due to my cats I'll admit, and partly because the product didn't measure up.Cons:1. If you have larger cats, this may not be good for you as the plastic is quite flimsy. My cats would go to use it, step on it slightly and it would start to bend into the toilet which obviously deterred my cats from then stepping on it again. After awhile it was cracking all over and became a hassle.2. If you only have one bathroom in your home, don't get this product (in my opinion). You need to keep this contraption on top of your toilet obviously for it to work, which is great until you need to pee yourself. Then you have to pick up the tray, place it somewhere else as litter falls out, and either sit on a litter encased toilet seat (from the cats pushing around the litter), or clean the whole toilet each time you remove it (which you will do a lot of cleaning anyway). It's just very annoying to me.3. This was not a clean option for us. There was always litter everywhere. All over the floors, all over the back of the toilet and toilet seat. I felt like I had to wear shoes in my own home as to not touch the litter on my feet while I cleaned every 2 minutes. It was so gross.4. You need to buy biodegradable litter to use with this product or you will risk clogging your toilet or worse.5. The tray didn't fit over my toilet and I had to modify it to even go on top which it never sat nicely on again. Wobbly6. Once the cats peed or pooped, it would get caked into the litter pan. There was no 'oh Ill just toss this perfectly clumped litter into the toilet'. I literally wound up cleaning the thing after they all went or having to dig my hands with a paper towel into cakey litter pee.Pros:1. I really like the idea, and I can see how it does work with patience and persistence...and a willing and able cat.Bottom line:Worth a try as everyone is different a...

looks great though.

I have not been well so we have not had time to train. looks great though.

every thing is in good order, it fits the toilet well and holds ...

I received the product a few days ago; every thing is in good order, it fits the toilet well and holds my cat's weight (though my cat is properly sleek and lean so I don't know how it would hold up to an overweight cat). I have a 10 year old Russian Blue, so my expectations for total success for something completely alien and unnatural for her are low. The good thing is that her litter box has always been in the bathroom next to the toilet, and we're already in the habit of always having the door open so it was no problem.It seems silly to start with fresh litter when you want to train a cat to go in a new place. Dogs and cats both like to relieve themselves in places they've done so before; it's not just habit or comfort, it's the scent of their own prior leavings, which will trigger instinctive urges to go in the same place. Cats are more sensitive or aware of this particular thing which is why it's so much easier to house train kittens than puppies. I placed one-part old litter (straight from her box) and one-part fresh litter in the pan. Then took her box away. Now she knows what's up.It also seems silly to put cat nip in there *on top of the litter* because many cats will eat it (and end up eating some litter which isn't that awesome whether its new or not). I rubbed a bunch of catnip in between my fingers really hard for a minute then smeared the scent all over the toilet seat, that worked just fine with getting her interested and comfortable with jumping up and sitting on the tray. She really had a little party on the tray and it still held up (which is the only thing I was worried about since she has that stereotypical Russian Blue dainty temperament and easily stressed with changes - so if the tray made noises or moved around or startled her some other way, that would have been the end of our little experiment).I turned the light out, then left and waited outside the bathroom (out of her line of sight) as soon as she started digging in the litte...

Worth a try but ours never went past the first cut

Citi kitty itself is well made but unfortunately our cat didn't get past the second cut. The day we put the whole tray on she used it like it was all she ever knew. She did great and we kept her on it that way for a few weeks. Then we made a small cut. She began to poop on the floor. We backtracked and then realized if we put a TON of litter in the tray (like way more than needed) she would use it but that became a lot to manage. She began to do okay but if the liter ever got to a normal level she would kick it out in the floor and poop in the floor. We did this for about a month and then we put the full tray back in and she uses that fine. Ultimately, the reason for four stars is that the product is very well made. It fit our super old awkward shaped toilet. I dont want to give this product poor stars just based on our cats performance. If anything we learned we LOVEEEE flushable corn based litter. It doesn't have that harah cloud of smell like the store bought and it covers the poop smell a lot better. So my final advice, give it a shot but have a back up plan as for some cats it works and some it doesnt.

I can't wait til my cats graduate!

The only complaint I have about this kit, is that I wish the tray were just a little bit deeper. Like maybe one more inch to try and alleviate some of the overspill from kitties kicking litter.I'm still just starting and I'm trying to train three cats at once. 1 years old, 3 years old, and 8 years old. It's trying, but I'm hanging in there! Every accident makes me want to quit!If you decide to try this, invest in a small carpet cleaner. I have a spot bot, and thank goodness I do! Your cats will go outside the tray occasionally! Leaving them in the bathroom while you are asleep or at work will help force them to get used to the box, but they will still have problems from time to time. Having a carpet cleaner to clean up after those problems immediately is so necessary!Also, pay attention to your cats body language. You can tell when she needs to go and is looking for somewhere outside the box to go. Don't freak out and scream, calmly pick them up, take them to the box, and set them inside. You may need to stand there for a while and not let them leave the toilet til they go. Praise them immediately when they do and give them treats.I helped mine get used to the box in the toilet at first by setting them inside and holding their little paws and making them dig, trying to trigger their instinct. I also switched their litter box litter to the flushable litter for a week before getting rid of the little box and switching them to the toilet completely.

Works great

This thing is awesome and easy for training use

Better fit on a round toilet

Better fit on a round toilet, not very deep grooves so when you fill with litter, most of it gets scraped in the toilet when my cat tries to cover up her urine or poop.

Good product, I like the idea but the problem ...

Good product, I like the idea but the problem with my cat. I'm still trying to train her, unfortunately she starts a new bad habit pooing on the floor!!

This system works and yes I would highly recommend it, especially if you are around to keep it cl...

I have two 6-month-old kittens. One is smart & very easily trained, the second one is much slower and get set back when I go away for a long weekend. However, the slower one insists on using toilet paper to cover up the spot in the tray, instead of kicking it into the hole. I had to remove the toilet paper, the second kitten started swinging & missing trying to reach the toilet paper, too.I ring a small bell as I give them a treat for doing it successfully. An added plus is, if they escape from the house (microchipped), I can ring the bell & know they will come running!One feature that would be helpful is 1-2” plastic, side walls, or even a clip-on removable oval wall, because the litter tends to get kicked around the bathroom a lot. If you have the luxury, a dedicated bathroom, that would definitely be helpful.