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CitiKitty Training Insert

It’s okay

My kitten is 5 months old and he plays in it a lot and scatters it everywhere. He really likes to scoop the liter just into the toilet leaving none on the training seat. We have cut 3 rings out and he has had 1 accident

CitiKitty Cat Toilet Training Kit

Order the kit first

Well my Kitty didn’t like the insert since it was duct taped to the toilet. I’ll give you a better idea after I have the piece that goes under the toilet seat!

It needs to be made deeper. I only put a 1/4" of catter litter in it and my cat gets it all over the floor.

it could be easier to clean.

I have used another brand of cat toilet training system in the past, that was easier to clean. This system seems very disposable which is disappointing considering how much it cost. The system I used in the past was reuseable for if you got another cat, which made cleaning it easier. This system is no nearly as sturdy. I also didn't know there were 2 pans on it. it would definitely be nice to get a list of everything you get with the system. I'm not dissatisfied with the system, I am, however, dissatisfied with the price.

Fast delivery and great service.

My cats love tuna treats. Lots of meows for tuna. I'm very satisfied. Thank you. Patricia Wagner

Toilet training

Not worth the time or money

Would like to return it could you send a return box

Never Recieved.

I order the product two weeks ago and have yet to receive it.

Very good especially for the cities.

Live in the country so will be sending it back because not good for septic systems. Have just had surgery so will be late sending it. Hope that will be alright. Thank you anyway. I really had high hopes of training my cat.

CitiKitty Cat Toilet Training Kit

CitiKitty Cat Toilet Training Kit

CitiKitty TunaTreats Premium Bonito Flakes Cat Treat - Easy Grip Jar

Didn't work

It didn't work with my babies. I have only one bathroom, it was a lot of mess for me. And they didn't like it. My baby girl has a big personality and refused to use it. So I stopped their use. Maybe I'll try and they'll have their own toilet. But it was a great experience. Thank you.

Best treats!

My cats love the flakes. This brand is the best - no smell.


Bought a new house and didn’t want the smell of a litter box. My cat was using it the FIRST DAY!

its small for the toilet


Careful as I was the third time around, I still had trouble punching the last hole out of the bottom tray- I caused two cracks before even getting one use out of it. When this happened the first time, I tried to order a replacement bottom tray, but was told they don’t sell those a la cart and I would have to order everything over again a 4th time. So I have no potty bottom, just a bunch of top trays. I would strongly suggest making the perforations a lot easier to remove and not end with me holding a bloody knife/all the blood soaked insert fragments. I realize you have to cater to cats of all weights but maybe sell kits that are matched w cats by weight

The cat AND the dog love this stuff

At feeding time, I sprinkle the bonito flakes over the cat and dog food and then sprinkle with water. They both go nuts over it. I got the 1 pound jar this time. Should last a good long time. Who am I to deny my babies what they love? Our whole household is a fan.

Best one out there to train your kitty.

I have trained now 3 cats with this tool. It is fantastic.


My cat didn’t even use it after 2 weeks he was pooping all over the house he hated it !!!!

CitiKitty Cat Toilet Training Kit

CitiKitty Training Insert

Too small

It fell right into the toilet. I don't remember a size on there but it was too small. Just one more inch and it would have fit my toilet perfect.