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CitiKitty Cat Toilet Training Kit

CitiKitty TunaTreats Premium Bonito Flakes Cat Treat - Easy Grip Jar

Didn't work

It didn't work with my babies. I have only one bathroom, it was a lot of mess for me. And they didn't like it. My baby girl has a big personality and refused to use it. So I stopped their use. Maybe I'll try and they'll have their own toilet. But it was a great experience. Thank you.

Best treats!

My cats love the flakes. This brand is the best - no smell.


Bought a new house and didn’t want the smell of a litter box. My cat was using it the FIRST DAY!

its small for the toilet


Careful as I was the third time around, I still had trouble punching the last hole out of the bottom tray- I caused two cracks before even getting one use out of it. When this happened the first time, I tried to order a replacement bottom tray, but was told they don’t sell those a la cart and I would have to order everything over again a 4th time. So I have no potty bottom, just a bunch of top trays. I would strongly suggest making the perforations a lot easier to remove and not end with me holding a bloody knife/all the blood soaked insert fragments. I realize you have to cater to cats of all weights but maybe sell kits that are matched w cats by weight

The cat AND the dog love this stuff

At feeding time, I sprinkle the bonito flakes over the cat and dog food and then sprinkle with water. They both go nuts over it. I got the 1 pound jar this time. Should last a good long time. Who am I to deny my babies what they love? Our whole household is a fan.

Best one out there to train your kitty.

I have trained now 3 cats with this tool. It is fantastic.


My cat didn’t even use it after 2 weeks he was pooping all over the house he hated it !!!!

CitiKitty Cat Toilet Training Kit

CitiKitty Training Insert

Too small

It fell right into the toilet. I don't remember a size on there but it was too small. Just one more inch and it would have fit my toilet perfect.

CitiKitty TunaTreats Premium Bonito Flakes Cat Treat - Easy Grip Jar

mom cat & kittens

some tips n tricks would be nice to have.

Not ready yet

Waiting until after vacation. Not sure if litter is good for RV tank.

The plastic was Broken in two places.

Damaged product- the Plastic was Cracked in 2 different places. I would appreciate a New one. Not a Used one. The packaging was obviously damaged from someone else, Then returned. It was broken when I opened it. I had surgery the week I received it and have not had a chance to call and Voice my concerns.
I hope City Kitty will stand Behind their Product and Send me a New One, ASAP. I was charged for a New one & Paid Extra to get it sooner.

Doesn't fit my toilet and can't use.

Our cat made a huge mess with the litter and he refused to poop in it.

Too good to be true

I got this product fully expecting it to work I tried on both shaped toilets it is not the right size for elongated seat or rounded seat it was such a disappointment while it was a good price it will not work therefore it was a waste of money

wasted $$

Won't go near it OR touch it at ALL! They advertise untruthfully how every cat can learn..My cat is a GENIUS! Definitely smart enough, he just truly HATES it!! I'm still doing things to try but not really hopeful OR SATISFIED in any way!! I deserve a REFUND due to the false advertising!!

Well I have o lay had it for two weeks

Lol put it on the ground with the same litter then after few days I pulled the litter box out and she finely went the put it on the toilet and showed her a few times and she just now doing it so maybe it just depends on the cat. Coworker has his using the toilet...

problem with flushable cat litter

My cat does not seem to like the flushable cat litter so I am stalled in continuing with the rest of the program. I would welcome any suggestions!

Didn't have everything I needed

When I purchased this I didn't see where it started it was an insert, so I haven't been able to use it correctly.

Best Product Ever!

You get more than what you paid for!!